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Aug 20, - Canon has squarely targeted the 'advanced amateur' market by today unveiling the million-pixel EOS 40D digital SLR. Canon EOS 40D, previewed: Digital Photography Review Cody. Age: 20. I'm a ray of sunshine here to brighten your day! What better way to treat yourself than to employ the company of a smiling, engaging woman? I knew that I needed to use a super-fast shutter speed to freeze his motion. The Canon 30D is the closet camera in terms of features to the 40D - most significantly, it lacks the top speed and live view LCD available on the 40D, but there are also other minor differences between the two. Italian wedding photographer Roberto Lavini and his Canon 40D DSLR camera on a shoot in Tuscany. Kety. Age: 29. I'm Bunny, one of the mature and new providers here Canon 40D wins Amateur Photographer Award The 40D is classified as a pro-sumer digital SLR. This means that its features are designed to be leveraged by advanced amateur photographers who really know their way around an SLR camera. It's true that if you're just a beginning SLR photographer that the Canon 40D will give you plenty of room to grow. But if you. Nov 27, - Jump on the 5D for that price. The 40D is a good camera too but the 5D is a huge notch above due to its full-frame sensor, particularly for your applications: Portrait: Shallower depth-of-field which translates to more background blur. Street: Higher ISO sensitivity lets you shoot at faster shutter-speeds to.

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Danni. Age: 19. I am a very open minded, intelligent, elite and upscale well mannered girl Building on the success of Canon's perennially popular prosumer EOS 20D and 30D models, the EOS 40D advances the state-of-the-art for mid-range digital SLR cameras, making it a natural first choice for advanced amateur photographers and entry-level professionals, and an ideal second body for more established. Canon 40D wins Amateur Photographer Award · Fred Meehan1. Jan 23, good article as well · harold Jan 23, Linky? nt · Droppingin. Jan 23, Re: Linky? nt · Roy Eglinton. Jan 23, Re: Linky? nt · Fred Meehan1. Jan 23, A v 40D · ee50ok. Jan 23, Re: Linky? - its a UK magazine. Aug 20, - “The EOS 40D represents an important step in the development of EOS for the advanced amateur market. It incorporates many of the technologies pioneered in our latest EOS-1 series cameras,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging, Europe. “For digital photographers, the benefits of.


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