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How do you know if you're straight before you've had any experience? Sexuality has to do with attraction also, not just experience. If you feel attraction to someone of the same sex, but you've only had experience with the opposite sex, or vice versa, you could be bisexual. The honest truth is, you are if you define yourself. How can I know if I'm bisexual if I had only one-gender experiences? (LGBTQ+) | 7 Cups of Tea Roxanne. Age: 21. Misslisalang This myth is inaccurate, but it also shows that cis allies in our communities need to be vocal about our support for trans folks, and give visibility to trans, non-binary, and intersex people among us. If you NOW feel bisexual, you might be. If tomorrow you feel heterosexual let it be! And if you ever feel asexual or homosexual, demisexual or whatever, it is what should be. Sexuality is made out from phases, so don't be afraid to be through one of them! And whenever someone tells you "it's just a phase", turn out and tell. Cecilia. Age: 29. I'm a sensual Lebanese & Croatian mixed lady that grew up in Germany Are You Bisexual? I personally couldn't figure out if I was bi or not, since I've only been with the opposite gender, but then I started thinking "I may not have been with the same gender, but I know I'm attracted to them". I also think that individuals should feel like they need to have a label. Labels are nice to help you feel like you belong to a. How Do I Know If I'm Bisexual? There is a lot of confusion at first. Society teaches that people can only be one way or the other [gay or straight] or that bisexuality is a stage or a phase, and one doesn't stay there for very long. But once past the confusion, you'll know you are bisexual as surely as your pal knows she's straight.

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