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Bought as an extra little Christmas present who adores Midget Gems. He loved them so much as he'd ate them in weeks! Quite a large heavy box full of the old style & taste (especially the liquorice black ones!) Midget Gems. Just wished I'd hidden them & given bagged them into smaller quantities or made him do it to. Lion Midget Gems - 2 Kilogram Box: Grocery Joslyn. Age: 26. Come join me for an unforgettable night unwinding together Facebook Twitter YouTube Call: Does anyone think a petition would help? Here in the UK Lion Midget Gems have been bought out by Maynard, who have replaced the black midget Gem with a blackcurrant flavour. While I sharpen my pitchfork and prepare to join the baying mob outside Cadbury Trebor Basset, i am musing on the effects upon society of this kind of homogenisation. Bailey. Age: 18. yari ferreira Midget Gems - Lion's Lions original midget gems, the black one is still liquoirce just as it should be, we stock a huge range of retro sweets all with fast delivery from Treasure Island Sweets. Midget Gems - The Black Ones The Money Savers Arms.

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Yana. Age: 22. Hello my name is Alissia and i'm here to meet new and exciting people and also have fun If you enjoy Maynard's famous wine gums, then why not give their Midget Gems a try? These small, chewy sweets come in a selection of fruity flavours – lime, pear, orange, blackcurrant, apricot and raspberry. PROPER MIDGET GEMS, these are the original, juicy hard gum sweets made by Lion's, g. The black ones are the original licorice gums with the liquorice flavour! Proper Midget Gems, no imitation products, just proper Lions Midget Gems! These sweets are one of our absolute best selling sweets - they contain the proper black liquorice flavoured sweets and come in a selection of sports-related shapes such as cricket bats, tennis rackets, rugby balls, footballs, bicycles and rugby boots. The flavours are the same as Midget Gems. Lion's Sports Mixtures will be.


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