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Jun 15, - And I have anal sex with my man and I enjoy anal with him.. but he would never ever get a chance to get near me a second time if he did to me, what your husband did to you. Not to mention that non-lubricated, non consensual anal sex.. may cause damage.. you may need to see a doctor and make sure. My bf foced me to do anal sex. Help!!? | Yahoo Answers Alessandra. Age: 24. Stunning travel companion mia!I am a beautiful, blonde, elegant, sensual and passionate independent paris escort Why does this guy still think I am not good looking after I did alot of work too improve my appearance? Yes you were since you did not consent to the sex act. Dec 12, - Forced To Try Anal. Juliet. Age: 25. African Ebony stunner to massage and relax you My ex forced anal sex on me. I'm not sure what to do? Jan 16, - I think you should keep a tube of lubricant in the bedside chest in case he comes home drunk again. If he uses lube, it will not hurt as much. Sep 19, - What he did is rape. You said no and he still forced him self on you. I would go to the police but seeing as you don't want to then you have to be able to live with yourself when he does this to another girl who doesn't want it. If your not going to report him then cut all ties with him and maybe go and see a.

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Willow. Age: 27. Independent, elegant, natural, discreet Sep 1, - Did you tell him that you didnt like it? Cause he may think that it was just good fun and was trying to be kinky. Tell him how you feel, if he still thinks its not a big deal, then I would suggest that you two go to counseling or something. Goodluck. Jan 17, - This was marital sodomy - similar to marital rape - just because you are married he has no right to use your body against your will - that is not only morally wrong it is illegal - a crime punishable the same as if he has forced a strange women to have anal sex. You must face some hard choices but there can. Mar 25, - Calling it rape is totally up to you, and a JURY, but he did not threaten you, nor from what you wrote did you resist, in fact you agreed to allow it to proceed, and from the sounds of it you did so without you being forced nor out of fear. Butt if you want to get even with him, roll him over in the middle of the night.


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