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Apr 16, - The best way would probably be to just barge in there, throw that little bitch over his lap and spank her until she was so sore, she'd be unable to sit without a cushion for a week. Yes, Ranma nodded, that was the way he'd do this. Mentally steeling himself, he threw open Akane's door and marched into her. Akane's punishment, a ranma fanfic | FanFiction Samone. Age: 30. Sensual greetings From the branches he could hear and see what was happening while remaining hidden. Ranma snuck another look at her and sighed again. Aug 2, - Ranma ½ is copyright of naoko takeuchi allrights are reserved to her. Note: Theirs some suggestive material in this chapter also,.. at the risk of spoilers, those who feel that spanking is inherently, some obsolete act of pointless savagery, would do best not to read this chapter or possibly several after it. Alena. Age: 26. Hello to all gentleman i'm balimnaz from turkey independent pre op transexual based in istanbul. I'm 30 years old, 178 cm tall, 70 kg weight, have long brown hair,brown eyes. Hentai Foundry Mar 25, - Don't make me spank you!" Ranma barked as he felt a vein throbbing relentlessly at his temples. Akane flushed at the innuendo clad threat. Ranma grinned smugly as the tomboy ceased her squirming and stayed utterly silent. He kicked the door open, walked towards Akane's bed and unceremoniously. Mar 9, - Notes: Please Read and Review; Reviews inspire new fics and keep me going on others He threw a punch at the sleeping Ranma, and the pig tailed boy turned his head causing Ryoga's fist to go through the floor. Ryoga tried Ranma ignored the lost boy's cries and continued to spank his now red ass.

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Marissa. Age: 19. You will meet a woman who's sensual, playful, a good listener and a good conversation partner, spontaneous, extroverted, cuddly, adventurous and charming ... Re-Edited for a WAY better reading^^ What would happen if Moxibustion Violation was not a fic, and Ranma had a chance to solve the problem. fic. Content Tags: Abuse Angst Warning Yaoi Ranma/Ryoga. Content Tags: Angst BDSM ChallengeFic COMPLETE Dom Exhib Fet Humil M/M Oneshot Other PWP Spank UST. And the possibility that Ranma might just join the tribe as a result of that training has nothing to do with that motivation, Nabiki drawled. I see someone finally gave you a much needed spanking Nabiki Tendo, are you so eager for another? Cologne gave a sharp cackle of laughter as Nabiki flushed beet red and she. Proper Punishment A Ranma 1/2 Fanfic by Tom Wrensch Completed ================================= Authors Notes: First, I'd like to thank Greg Young for prereading this story. Note that the first few chapters did not have the benefit of his feedback, and so may have the kinds of errors that prereaders.


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