Can sperm pass through panties

Hi! I'm a year-old college student who, I've heard, comes from a VERY fertile family. Is it possible for sperm to travel through the thin fabric from my boyfriend's boxers, through the thin fabric from my underwear, into my vagina and get me pregnant? I'll have to add that I have my own female ejaculate at. sex - Teens concerned about impregnation through clothes - Biology Stack Exchange Ria. Age: 27. I'm Guanna There is one shining research that concluded, as I recall, that:. Jul 28, - On the other hand, if only one partner is wearing just their underwear, it's essentially like there is no clothing present at all, and the relative chances go up significantly. Safe sex practices can't be emphasized enough to young people, as education and awareness is so much better than ignorance and myths. Memphis. Age: 24. Hello gentlemen's I'm super sweet friendly and unique something truly sexy Can Sperm Go Through Underwear? May 22, - My boyfriend and I rub against eachother in our underwear and he sometimes pretends to penetrate me but my underwear is still on. We're both wet, can the sperm pass through the underwear and get me pregnant? Feb 6, - You probably won't get pregnant since only your underwear got wet from the semen, the penis has to be inserted into the vagina during ejaculation because the semen has to go some ways into the vagina for it to travel through, although you may want to check out some other replies because I am not an.

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Anastasia. Age: 28. I'm very good for your health, sweet for your sweet tooth, and freaky for your inner beast It is important to remember that getting pregnant through clothes is completely different than withdrawal. Withdrawal would be when the man takes his penis out of the woman's vagina immediately before ejaculating. This isn't effective (only about 70% effective), because pre-ejaculate contains sperm and can still end up. Hi, I know that SEMEN can travel through clothing pretty easy, but I was just wondering if sperm could also? In a hypothetical situation, if two people were dry humping when the female was ovulating, and her underwear and SWEAT PANTS got wet from her own fluids, and a guy ejaculates and his boxers. If you and your partner were both wearing thick pants and underwear then no, you cannot get pregnant if your partner ejaculates in his pants.2,3 Sperm can only swim through fluid, such as semen or vaginal fluid so it is impossible for them to travel through his underwear and jeans and through your underwear and jeans.


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