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Feb 3, - A baby girl born with extra large clitoris is common in clinical practice. As a matter of fact, the clitoromegaly develops during the fetal development. According to the medical literature, extra large clitoris is rare in women. This condition usually occurs in fetal development phase (do to DSD) or in puberty. Causes of enlarged clitoris - WebMD Answers Sharon. Age: 19. Hey Gentleman!! I pride myself on being an experienced playmate who always leaves you Happy ;) Enjoy your larger clitoris, I know several women who would be jealous. An enlarge clitoris is known as clitoromegaly. This is a condition that requires medical attention. I strongly encourage you to see your primary care. Corinna. Age: 22. Hey fellas, I'm star and I host Clitoromegaly - Pictures, Size, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment It is estimated that around one in 10, babies have CAH, a major cause of a large clitoris. A normal clitoris. The usual size of a clitoris is less than 5mm wide and less than 16mm long, with anything over 35mm indicating clitorial hypertrophy. Treatment for clitoromegaly. There is usually no medical reason to treat. Jul 14, - “Clitoromegaly” is a medical term meaning that the clitoris has grown larger than is typical in girls. Sometimes clitoromegaly happens during fetal development because of a DSD, so that a girl is born with a large clitoris. Sometimes clitoromegaly occurs during puberty, or even later in life, because of an.

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Hadjara. Age: 29. My name is Rina Response to Laurenkathleen's reuest for advice. First, let me say that I'm not a medical doctor or working in the area of health. However, I read a lot and have seen some of the things in women that you mentioned and therefore I feel obligated to share this with you now. Your condition (enlarged/large clitoris. Oct 7, - But if its swollen, then get your self of to your doctor, he/she should know what to or send you. Do hope this helps. Good Luck. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the User. down arrow The opinions expressed here. And my mom doesn't even wanna take me to the doctor cause she says i'm fine cause i also have like something wrong with a skin fold down there? I don't know what the heck happened down there but it needs to be fixed.. can you reduce a large clitoris?? I saw a few pics online and they all look nothing like how mine.


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