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Feb 26, - You decide his behavior warrants a spanking and spanking always makes him comply. The next time he gets up, you spank him swiftly, tell him to stay in his bed and then you leave. He finally gives up and falls asleep after a 3-hour battle. You clean up the kitchen from dinner and go to bed feeling like. Should You Spank? - The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman Celeste. Age: 22. Hello thank you for your interest, I'm Cristy, Halifax's premier part time luxury companion Most child physical abuse occurs in the context of punishment. Feb 24, - We took away naps to make it easier for him to go to bed at night. (But I know my husband is giving him naps during the day when I am working) but my husband is now resorting to spanking him Everytime he gets outta bed and turns the light on and his little fan off. Please don't reply if you don't believe in. Cory. Age: 25. Hello dear man, if you want to have magic time with beautiful girl from Russia,it is me The scientific evidence against spanking, timeouts, and sleep training Sep 14, - I worked with a girl the other day who threatens the 2 yr olds with a small pop on the bottom to make them take their naps. Some of the kids get the spanking and others she just threatenes. I live in SC. and I know this is not allowed. I told the director who then asked her about it and the girl denied it. Jul 11, - Before we dive into what's always been a passionately debated issue, let's just define what I'm talking about when I say “spanking.” For the purposes of this post, “spanking” refers to a light smack on the butt, meant only to correct behavior. I'm not talking about striking your child with genuine force with the.

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Szilvia. Age: 23. 31 years young Mar 3, - Dana Obleman, creator of The Sleep Sense Program weighs in on the debate of whether or not you should spank your child. Dec 18, - So, we're going to need to toss out our old discipline mainstays. Say goodbye to timeouts. So long spanking and other ritualized whacks. And cry-it-out sleep routines? Mercifully, they too can be a thing of the past. And yet, we can still help our children mature and grow. In fact, people like Bryson think we'll. Apr 12, - Spanking children is rare among hunter-gatherers. It's frowned upon in the United States, and illegal in Sweden. Should people spank their kids?


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