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Find other cultures variations on familiar stories, or Christmas stories you've never heard of Avariation of the Nativity scene is played out in Mexico and with the arrival of St. Nicholas (often accompanied by the devil—to take in your years bad deeds or to spank bad children—all in fun) and ends on January 6, Three Kings. Saxon-Web Fiction: Megan's Spanking Stories: A Christmas Cracker Defrancesca. Age: 30. Professional Dominatrix for hire What followed was an orgy of spanking. Nov 22, - deserves no christmas presents this year, because she has done a lot of stupid and naughty things. Surpisingly, one night Santa himself comes to visit her in her bedroom. And even more surprisingly, he decides gives her a good, bare bottom spanking. Warning: this story contains spanking. Do not read if. Devyn. Age: 25. My name is sila, i am 26 year, 167 cm an 53 kg. If you are intelligent, friendly and nice guy feel free to contact me for nice time;) Santa’s Surprise – a Christmas spanking tale Nov 29, - “Look, I don't care what you get me for Christmas, I am fed up having this same argument every bloody year.” John had never liked Christmas but his long suffering girlfriend Jane loved it. They had been going out for just over three years now, but unless they could get over this divide they would never be. Dec 29, - A young couple enjoy their first Christmas together. Boys were often on the receiving end of the cane, and girls got the slipper. I developed I told him that I had been subject to corporal punishment, which excited him incredibly, and that I'd never had the cane, but always wondered what it would be like.

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Khloe. Age: 27. I will be your masseuse highlight my plastic, my sensuality and my femenity with delicacy for your relaxation Dec 25, - I've a gift - a new short story. It's Christmas Yes, tell them the truth about Santa one day, but never, ever that their mother got her ass spanked on Christmas Eve, not once, but three years on the trot. Ana rolled over to find a small child nose to nose with her, his face flushed and hair stuck up on end. “Yes. The film ends with old Barricini spanking both children for mimicking their elders. Thus Lydia's pacifist view seems validated. But the film also ends with Lydia vowing never to leave Orso, to love him "as you are," in other words, with his warrior instincts, so the future is uncertain. Sturges called his script Vendetta. Since he. Why, you might look, and look, and look through the Sunday-school books, from now till next Christmas, and you would never come across anything like this. The story ends as he is blown to bits in an “old iron foundry” by a surreal combination of leftover nitroglycerin and an authority figure's misplaced spank: “they had to.


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