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Oct 28, - Rob says he actually finds it sort of funny that Bella is the one wanting to have sex and Edward is holding back! “It seems traditionally that the girls in movies are scared to loose their virginity and guys are like I'll do anything and it's funny because they turned the roles around,” Rob says of Breaking Dawn. The time I lost my Robert Pattinson virginity | Letters to Rob Staci. Age: 24. ich bin Jesika und ich wohne in 1050 wien 5 brzirk More dumb PR stuff from her people. Love Cronenberg, love Rob, so Cosmopolis was a win win for me! FUNNY SKYPE CONFERENCE IN ANONYMOU$ ROOM VOL Sabina. Age: 23. I have the remedy for every gentleman's Sweet Tooth ???? Fans Want Proof That Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Having Sex Jul 20, - It would seem so from the questions they're submitting to MTV via Twitter before tomorrow evening's live stream of the Breaking Dawn cast's Comic-Con International takeover. It would also seem that to most fans, the film's "cast" includes a mere two people, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. (Hey, I get it. Feb 5, - Are you Twihards ready for some more action?Though Kristen Stewart's character, Bella Swan, already lost her virginity to Robert Pattinson's Edward.

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Maia. Age: 27. The Reality Should Always Be Better Than the Fantasy Robert Pattinson may not be immortal like the unbearably sexy vampire Edward Cullen, but he's not going to be forgotten anytime soon. Rabid Twi-hards can't wait for The Robert Pattinson: 'Kissing Felt More Natural in Eclipse'. June 15, – AM – 0 Comments Let's hear it for virginity. “Edward is old fashioned. Dec 5, - After playing a more than century-old virgin for the series of popular Twilight films, it seems the man who plays Edward Cullen- Robert Pattinson- may have internalized some of the celibate. Not since Titanic unleashed Leo-mania has an actor sparked the overnight adulation that greeted Robert Pattinson's debut as Edward Cullen in Twilight. In December , Evgenia Peretz In fact, the whole setup could be seen as a metaphor for hanging on to your virginity. Still, no other writer in recent memory has.


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