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Sep 8, - Heidi Klum is leaving little to the imagination. She posted what might be one of her hottest (and raciest) pics yet. Not only is the German supermodel showing off her very firm backside, but she must have been a bad girl because she is getting spanked with a ‘Naughty Spoon!’. Have you also spank on the 'bare bum'? - Parenting Issues Message Board - HealthBoards Carolyn. Age: 20. I'm a 20 years old independent escort from Bucharest I think she knows it does. I just feel that you can give unconditional love, support, and even spoil the child without sparing the rod so to speak. So the other day my sister and I got a particularly hard and embarrassing spanking I thought I would share with you guys. It started with my sister and I doing some homework after we got home from practice. My sister and had no choice but to stand there shoulder to shoulder bare. Alice. Age: 22. Hello my name is Roxana Have you also spank on the 'bare bum'?..... Jul 11, - Hiya I guess i'm not so much discussing if spanking as punishment is an apporopriate one, infact neither am i putting a case for or against anything here. with cutie dd sophie (yrs), i find myself having to spank her (and yes its effective). when i spank, i mean around 5/6 slaps on her bare bottom. The other. Medicaljmp - k hits - 5 min. hot ass punishment scene · Justemma - k hits - 3 min. Schoolgirls Explore Spanking · Medicaljmp - k hits - 6 min. Teacher spanking 18yo schoolgirl · Stacydejong - k hits - 3 min. HD. Petite Redhead Teen Spanking · Kyle Chaos - k hits - 3 min. cute ebony spanked.

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Proxy. Age: 30. I offer you services in a hight class privat location If Beccy need a spanking, to me, this means I will generally explain to her why she is getting a spanking, then prop her over my knees and smack her 'bare bottom' a maximum of 3 or 4 times. Thats it.:) Do you spank your child's bare bottom? And what does "a spanking" involve in your house? I apologise if. Jan 9, - Clip 13 Spanked With Hand, Brush and Spoon – 2ndCAM / POV. days ago. views. The Report Card Spanking - The Bare Bottom. The Report Card Spanking - The Bare Bottom. days ago. views. BettyCrocker's Maintenance. BettyCrocker's Maintenance. days ago. I was spanked bare bottom only 2–4 times as a child (mostly around the ages of 4–6), but I witnessed my older brother be bare bottomed spanked several more times. It was traumatizing as a child, and I am even more disturbed to think about it as an.


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