Do woman gave ballbusting fetish

Jun 14, - "Jewels 4Me" is correct, I can only speak for one woman, moi. However, I believe only a minority of women have a "ballbusting" fetish. Then again, I also believe the size of that "minority" would startle or stun, a good many so-called "social scientists"! BTW, I believe the number of men who have this fetish. I have a ballbusting fetish. That's being turned on by pain in the testicles. AMA! : casualiama Jaylene. Age: 29. Why me? Because i am unique. I am beautiful, charming and i really love sex. I truly love the sensation of a man’s body next to mine, i love kissing and touching… Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Oct 20, - Does a dude who's into ballbusting need psychological help or is it just another aspect of harmless S&M play? ***When I quote I love the idea that a woman, who doesn't have balls and doesn't have that weakness, hitting me in the balls is a huge turn on since they don't know that feeling. Even you, an. Arianna. Age: 22. blond chic easy going but wild when is needed, try and behappy That’s My Fetish: Getting Punched in the Balls Mar 13, - As for experience, I can't say. [also my guess at some men's reason] why men have a ballbusting fetish. a woman naughtily nick a naked / nervous man's nuts, beautifully break some bone-headed &/or brainless boy's balls, cleverly cork / conk somebody's cock, roguishly rope some rotten rube's rocky raisins,  Do women find a ballbusting fetish weird? fetishshoesY. well im a man 38 years and i just started this obsession of ballbusting im crushing my balls under women heels and shoes by myself and i have discussed that with few domina who r doing that also, they all confirmed to me that the testicles can handle much more than we can expect the testicles will rupture.

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Tahnee. Age: 28. My name is Winny Jul 3, - Ballbusting can be any type of pain inflicted on a guys balls and it can be a fetish for both men and can be something as simple as finding pleasure from squeezing them to a full blown kick all the to tortion there have even been cases of castration due to the fetish. So if you do this with a guy it would probably be  If you really wanted to try ballbusting, what would it take. Ballbusting is a sexual fetish, a form of S&M (Sadism and masochism)preformed either solo or between consenting partners that can be either FM (Female + Male) or Women and girls please note, if a man is sexually aroused and self defence is called for, as in a rape or attempted rape, you will have to kick considerably. Jul 26, - Name: Jay Wimp Age: 26 From: Northern California Fetish: Ballbusting (i.e., getting punched and kicked in the balls) When did you first realize that ballbusting turned One guy I know who did this for a living was injured in such a way that he needed to have surgery, and he can't do ballbusting anymore.


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