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My Mom spanked my sisters and me on our bare bottoms, and the girls who were not spanked had to watch the girl who was! I watched where I stepped so as not to get my sneakers dirty, and I was careful in how to play in a skirt. "And," continued his Mom, "I'm going to take off your. Blistered by ciejye Sabina. Age: 30. New to Houston yes all pics are me and yes I model I love to have fun in and out of the bedroom Dejectedly, he kicked off his shoes and stripped off his socks. Pull your skirt off, and lay over the chair. Read Chapter 1 from the story Dancers daddy (spanking story) by Skylar with's P.o.V"DAD WE GOTTA GO" I yelled as I ran down the stairs. ". Reina. Age: 20. We Spanish girls like to take our time when we are doing things that we love and you will know that I LOVE spending a lot of time with you because there are so many incredible ways that I like to share with you my very special sexy ideas and spoil you with some slow and sexy loving XXXXXX Oiling the Belt Jun 4, - "The Spanking of Your Life" - Ester's Story by Hittite I knew Ester when I was in the seventh grade, in my small, rural, Midwest town. Her life would seem shocking to so No emotion seemed to a pass through her as she spoke words about belt whippings and hellfire. “Do you still get spanked?” I asked. Jan 31, - She sat on the couch, her hands trembling, staring at her purse. Her purse held a little bomb, the clock ticking down. Escape seemed unlikely. Looking quickly at her watch, she hoped with all her heart he would be late. Please please please That might save her for a bit. They had dinner plans with several.

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Alessandra. Age: 26. Also please leave me a message and I will call u right back Mar 15, - Beth first noticed the brown leather belt in a drawer in the kitchen of her new in-laws. She and her husband, David, were visiting for the weekend; a break from their multi-state driving vacation. After their Friday night dinner together, Beth had gone into their kitchen to refill her iced tea and check into the. Jun 11, - For “special” spankings, it would be the hairbrush for Janet and the belt for Ed. Since they were to be a married couple and nudity should not be an issue and from what she could see (and smell) Janet had pretty much figured out what was going on, but as they drove off she asked for Ed's side of the story. “You are going to be spanked this evening with 6 strokes of the belt across your bare bottom. That is not negotiable. I believe your parents would find this an appropriate punishment. Or would you prefer that I suspend your spanking until such time as I have discussed it with your parents?” “No, sir, please. You don't have to.


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