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Jan 31, - well then we got pregnant. i quit smoking. he started having no interest in me. at all. all thru my pregnancy he didnt hardly touch me but was watching videos online of other women smoking. no nudity no sex just fully clothed ladies smoking. it upset me and i let him know too. he stopped except when i was. I have a smoking fetish, but I want to give up cigarettes. : stopsmoking Katia. Age: 22. soft domination She previously wrote about rappers who name-drop condoms. Jan 8, - Are you a smoker yourself? I've smoked off-and-on throughout my adult life — primarily Marlboros. I've only tried quitting three times. Currently, I've been off cigarettes for a little more than a year. Whenever I quit, I become much more obsessed with seeing women with their cigarettes and smelling their. Henrietta. Age: 23. as if it were the most delicious champagne. Let’s partake of this joy together. Savage Love Aug 25, - Guys don't ever get over their fetishes, CTQ, so I would urge you to quit smoking and quit the boyfriend at the same time. However fond he is of you, your boyfriend's smoking fetish predates your relationship and I guarantee you that it will postdate your relationship. If you attempt to stay together after you've. May 31, - Let me start by explaining that I am a non-smoker, I used to smoke for years and then suddenly quit. My only reason for quitting was to live life a little healthier and I chose smoking as the habit that had to go. As a professional courtesan I get many requests for different fantasies, fetishes, and role plays.

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Julia. Age: 27. Salut !! Jan 27, - She'd tell me that I didn't understand how tough it is to quit and I'd counter that if she really wanted to quit she would. Finally, just before our summer break, she suggested that if I'd smoke like she did for the summer, at summer's end we'd both quit it'd be easier for her because she'd be quitting with me. Seeing another person smoking isn't you smoking. Why can you not keep the fetish, but give up the smoking yourself? I just don't see how the two are exclusively hand in hand. We all have a fear of quitting, and give ourselves a million different reasons why we cannot quit opposed to others. You can do it. Jun 18, - We connect, communicate, understand and love everything about each other. My only issue is, Jeremy has an obsession/fetish with women smoking cigarettes. He fantasizes about me smoking all day, every day. I don't smoke. I did for nine years, but quit five years ago (before I met him). I hated smoking.


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