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Rebecca St. James is not a virgin!! She had vowed to stay a virgin until her wedding day she lost her virginity several years ago. she's had sex with several different guys. I've had to sit thru her "born again virgin" act three times at various shows I've worked while her brother and her boy friend were doing. Rebecca St. James to marry Beefcake Missionary. | Haley's Halo Virgo. Age: 25. so what you waiting for give me a call Maybe he called her to this or maybe she will get married, but why all the hatred? What I also find disturbing and confusing is all this weird male christian jargon parroted throughout the threads. Though Melissa had never been fat, people started noticing her figure. The attention felt good. One night at a Rebecca St. James concert, something in the music moved her. Melissa knew she The week Melissa was diagnosed as bipolar, she lost her virginity in the back of a car and was kicked out of her sister's house. Latoya. Age: 23. ?Toys avail Rebecca St. James Waited Until Age 33 THANK YOU REBECCA ST JAMES! while I was not married when I lost my virginity I waited till I found. Jan 4, - (BP)--Singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James, a longtime supporter of the True Love Waits abstinence movement, announced Jan. 3 that she is engaged to be married. "St. James will wed the man she's been waiting for -- Jacob Fink -- on a date soon to be announced," a news release from her publicist said.

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Nataly. Age: 22. Hi LOVERS:) Jan 7, - For those not in the churchian loop, Rebecca St. James is a very physically attractive Christian pop/rock singer whose main claim to fame is her very public proclamations of her virginity and her determination not to have sex until she is married. She has been the poster child of the True Love Waits. The theological basis for second virginity relies on God's forgiving nature. As the popular contemporary Christian recording artist and True Love Waits spokesperson Rebecca St. James sings in her song “Wait for Me,” “Now I know you may have made mistakes / But there's forgiveness, and a second chance. So wait for me. Becoming a Safe, Healthy, and Empowered Woman - God's Way Rebecca St. James, Lynda Hunter Bjorklund. auusism: The truly pure SHE keeps her heart clean before God and enjoys the health of a pure mind and body. Several weeks later, Stacie told me that she had lost her virginity. As a Christian, I felt like I should.


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