Is blood normal after anal

Nov 16, - Even though serious injury from anal sex is not common, it can occur. Bleeding after anal sex could be due to a hemorrhoid or tear, or something more serious such as a perforation (hole) in the colon. This is a dangerous problem that requires immediate medical attention. Treatment involves a hospital stay. Rectal bleeding after anal sex? | CafeMom Answers Amelie. Age: 23. We will definitely enjoy eachothers company im that fun size woman you have been waiting for the complete package cute face nice smile very entertaining im everything your looking for When I wiped there was bright red blood I don't know if I should be worried or just give it a few days. Hi this is awkward, but I need some advice. I have only had anal sex with my husband a hand full of times and it is usually spread out over a period of time. I have had some pain and discomfort afterwards in the past and some blood when wiping after a BM in the past. We recently had anal sex two nights in a row and the. Georgia. Age: 30. I am very sweet, fun loving girl. I enjoy having great time together! And i like men who are interested in making their time good and sexy ;). I am educated and open minded, and i like people who are having a great personality. Anal injury Nov 29, - 3 days after makes me believe there is a high likelihood you have an internal hemmorroid. They can bleed if irritates by large, hard stool,s or anal penetration. If it is bleeding only after BM I would make an appt. with your Dr. If is is just constantly bleeding you need to seek edical attention immediately. I felt pain during anal, but I let him finish. After words, I noticed blood from my butt. More than just a little spot too. I wiped and wiped then went to bed. This morning I wiped and noticed more blood. Is that normal?? Also sometimes he'll switch from.

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Alena. Age: 27. I am 100% Korean Jan 28, - My husband and i have recently started having anal sex. The last couple of times I have had bright red blood when I wipe and it always lasts into the next day. It's not a heavy bleeding. I'm just wondering what causes this and am I ok is this normal? anal sex for the first time about 6 hours ago. It's the first time I've ever done anything really sexual. I have a small body And very small compared to my boyfriend's. I went to wipe a few minutes ago (not after actually 'going to the bathroom') and found a *tiny* amount of blood. I've been looking and apparently it's normal. Jan 19, - If you're a beginner, however, and you've never worked with the anal sphincter before, it might feel a bit sore after you've wrapped up your bedroom sesh. This is normal, and no cause for alarm. Of course, if the pain persists after a few days and you just feel in your gut that something isn't right, call your.


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