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Well, I am not comfortable talking about hair issues with my friends, none of them have PCOS and I can't bring myself to discuss it. But I will say not all PCOS women have hairy butts. I have excess hair on my arms, stomach, chest, breasts, and face, but not on my butt! And you'd think I would, b/c besides. Is it normal to be a female and have a hairy bum | Is It Normal? | Memphis. Age: 26. hello I love women with hairy snatches and a hairy ass is awesome also. The towel was covered with a pile of hair. Dec 18, - Of course, some of us have coarser hair than others and some of us have darker hair than others, but if you feel like the only girl who has to deal with a few hairs on your chin, you're definitely not. Seirously, you're not. Check out these seven weird places that tons of girls grow hair because it's time to stop. Rose. Age: 20. Hi its Anna all American blonde call or text me for an appointment 848-391-1446 I m available 9am to 11pm 7 days a week MODERATORS Mar 8, - And even then it only lasts a day or so before my smooth ass crack feels completely normal. I like anal play, giving and recieving. I absolutely love it when a woman gets in there and eats my ass. I also love it when she wants to play with toys. I don't eat hairy ass so I'd never ask her to. The smoothness  Do guys care if a woman has ass hairs? Do they even. Jul 4, - So the other day I was alone with my girlfriend at my place, we were both turned on and we wanted to have sex, she said she wanted anal, So we took our clothes off, and when I was about to stick it in, I saw this gross hair all over hair anus, I didn't want to disappoint her so I kept going and sticked it in, but I didn't feel right,  What do women think if your man has a hairy butt? - GirlsAskGuys.

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Tatiyana. Age: 29. I can SATISFY your CRAVING?? ?? Ok. Im married for 12 years. Recently realized my wife has some hair inside her butt crack. I dont like it, a little turn off. We usually shower together and a couple of days ago I started tickling her butt hole. Turned me on but as soon as I felt some hair, got turned off. I never touched her anus before, we r not into anal or inserting. Feb 3, - Thanks for the lengthy post it's just a huge hassle you know, it takes me ages to shave and obviously the inside of my bum is an awkward angle so it takes super long too. I think I'm complaining more about the maintenance and perhaps reaction if someone saw it than anything else haha. Do you think hair. JD is offline. Originally Posted by Fozzy13 View Post. Hairy buttholes normal for girls? What about hairs on the breast? Not like a patch of hair but a few random hairs. All I can say is that I've never had a girl with a hairy ******* or hair on her tits. If she had hair on her tits I would bolt like a lightning strike.


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