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“I don't like to end every sex scenario with a facial, but it's definitely a good way to amp things up during a particularly steamy session or when I'm feeling extra horny. It's like having his cum on my face is a little demeaning, but not enough to be actually disrespectful, but still enough that it's SUPER hot. My face is me and. I rub semen on my face to keep my skin looking good, but I'm more than a tabloid headline Porsha. Age: 28. I'm just a blonde hair blue eyed girl next door We have done most everything else but havent had the guts to ask. My bf does that too. It's analogous to a woman blowing a man and getting cum in her mouth - the guy hasn't gone out of his way to put the cum there, he just reached orgasm from the blowjob. This is specifically pulling the dick out (of wherever) and aiming it at her face; the cum isn't ending up there in the normal course of  What does getting a facial feel like? (Serious): sex - Reddit. Aletta. Age: 21. Meet Kandi! She is new to the biz and ready to show you an amazing time! Kandi is a statuesque 5'8" MODERATORS Nov 15, - More recently, beauty blogger Tracy Kiss decided to showcase a semen-facial tutorial in a video. Over spa-worthy instrumental music, Kiss talks about the benefits of this unusual mask — "I use semen to look after my skin, to rejuvenate it, to give it some freshness," she says. Why? "You know, semen builds. Hey i know there is a way to give yourself a facial and swallow by putting your feet on the wall and "walking up the i waste too much cum when i try the legs over the head; i just cum in my hand and lick and suck from my hand and fingers. mel Private Privates: Posts: Joined: Sat Jul 05,

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Oriana. Age: 27. Bonjour messieurs, encore une fois, je suis avec vous, en un mot, je suis dans le 75012, gare de Lyon, stations de metro, Reuilly-Diderot, la ligne 1 et 8 Aug 28, - How do I put this delicately? I like having my face cum on. Yep, 90 percent of my sexual encounters end with a big face-full of splooge. (See, delicate!) No, I don't feel degraded by it, nor do I think my male partners' enjoyment of said act means they hate women. I mean, if they did, there are faster ways to. Feb 4, - A very sexy and hot alternative to letting your boyfriend finish in your mouth is to have him finish on your body. There are many different ways to do this. Pearl Necklace – If you are on your knees while giving your man head, then a simple finishing move is to let him ejaculate and cum on your neck, giving. Sep 4, - The reason you're able to drop a load of cum on your girlfriends face only at certain times is probably because that is the time when your semen levels . after ejaculation, I can give her a massive facial the second time around, the volume is less but after a very hard second sex, semen travels a long way.


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