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Jun 4, - You asked and we answered. Any woman can have multiple orgasms - know that there's a build up between each one. Ride the wave, baby. Betty and Carlin's blog · ShareThis. How to Orgasm | Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross Kandi. Age: 26. Hello, my name is Francesca Smirnoff,Eastern European companion Eric Amaranth Sex life coaching and neo-male perspectives. Jun 10, - My name is D, and I`m a 35 years old Club Manager from Bucharest Romania. I spent the last 4 years studying the female orgasm: how to obtain it every time, how to obtain multiple orgasms every time, how to obtain simultaneous orgasms everytime. At this moment I have a close to % success rate. Nikki. Age: 20. I'm a beautiful, exotic and unforgettable The 12 Types of Orgasms — What They Are & How To Have Them Jun 30, - How to Orgasm () · How to Orgasm During Sex () · How to Enhance Your Orgasms () · Squeeze My Legs Together to Orgasm (22) · Aborting Your Pregnancy () · Anal Play (74) · Antidepressants (37) · Betty's Memoir () · Birth Control & Condoms () · Bisexuality () · Body Image (). Jun 3, - Watch the Orgasm Doctor clip under Videos. In fact, watch several. For me, visual learning is what works. As you see, words can float around with different meanings. That's what they mean when they say "One picture is worth a thousand words." Don't forget to enjoy the process. Getting there maybe the.

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Indianna. Age: 23. Sexy on the outside, smart on the inside Jun 12, - Last week I decided to remove vibration from my sex life again. Vibration is not good for me orgasmically. Or rather, it is good, too good, but it reduces my ability to orgasm by other means. First the disclaimer. Around 35% of adult women are pre-orgasmic. They have never orgasmed and not because they. Sep 21, - Sex with my boyfriend is amazing. Matter of fact, its so amazing that I want to have multiple orgasms, but after I have that first one things start to get uncomfortable. I need a long break in between orgasms (like 20 minutes). Only once have I been able to orgasm twice during sex and it was just recently. Jun 18, - I just read several question from women in their teens to fifty and beyond searching for their first orgasm. This sexual suffering seems never ending and it breaks my heart. Something totally natural has been perverted by religions in male dominated cultures. This is when wives and mothers are turned into a.


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