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When she got into the bedroom, my sister started telling my mom some story about how I started the fight, and right there in my sister's room, in front of both my sister and my cousin, my mom stripped my pants and my underwear down and started spanking me right in front of them. It wasn't bad enough to get. Stripping and Humiliation - Spanked, Stripped, DiaperedTRUE Olesya. Age: 27. Thanks for taking a moment for to read my profile She told me to go get in the tub as the girls had a lot of other chores to do, and bath time had to be over by 9: She sat down on the bed as Susan had and I got over her lap. While protecting the girls modesty at all costs, the teachers and administration recklessly allow the boys to be exposed, humiliated, and spanked in view of their . A 13 year old girl is stripped and spanked at the beach by her dad, and in later chapters of the story her parents will demand that she maintains a nudist lifestyle. Payton. Age: 30. full service Cousin Pt. 01 STRIPPED, HUMILIATED AND SPANKED by Sister The weather was beautiful on that early June day and I was going to spend it playing in the apartment block's yard with some friends of mine. It's wonderful, I thought, to be 11 (6th grade boy equaled being grown up in my mind) and to have friends to play with. We were a. Paul D wrote the original four part story, Bathed and Spanked and I merged in an additional four for the visit to Aunt Carolynn. It is a story of the humiliation of an eleven year old boy at the hands of his aunt, cousins and their friends when he visits. Then there .. This made the third time today that I was stripped. She put me.

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Denise. Age: 29. i am sweet and sexy 28 years babe. 170 cm, 53 kg. With blonde hairs and blue eyes. Very caring and affectionate. Aug 4, - New MMSA story: 'Cousins - #5 - The Blush of Humiliation' by Sawyer. Derek and his little brother (who had now joined the little party) couldn't quite stifle their sniggers at this point! But a 12 year old who's about to strip a 15 year old hairless, dicked teen boy stark naked for a bare assed spanking! She let her eyes roam over him and Dan felt himself becoming both confused and somewhat embarrassed. He wasn't imaging . Is the big, mean pirate captain going to spank me? Or maybe put me on "A real pirate would strip you first and after he whipped you he'd turn you over to his fifty man crew." Dan realized that. Travel disruption. They treat her like their little bitch. A man's secret is revealed and a friend helps him out. Melissa is gangbanged/humiliated while on holiday. Lara is tied up and stripped in front of her sibling. and other exciting erotic at!


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