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Apr 7, - Besides, she was so sopping he'd probably be able to smell her without them anyway. "How does that make you feel, knowing he can smell how bad you want to suck me, you dirty girl?" Sirius asked. "It makes me excited," Hermione whispered. Sirius chuckled, working her clit furiously through the. Harry Potter and the Spell book of Desires - Chapter Twenty-Eight - Hogsmeade - Page 6 - Wattpad Rahyndee. Age: 20. Looking for a good time from a more mature lady that knows how to take care of a man? Allow me to show you the time of your life Ginny slowly got up off the floor and like Hermione before her; she decided to get into the action. Sep 25, - But Fred had provoked a curious idea in Hermione's mind - and almost as if it read her mind, one of the snitches slipped out, sopping wet from being inside Hermione, and pushed smoothly into her ass. "Oh my God!" Hermione clenched around it - it was uncomfortable, but oh, its wings fluttering were. Veronica. Age: 25. Visit a beautiful 31 year old masseuse for an intoxicating fulling and memorable massage Harry Potter and the Spell book of Desires Sirius, I m so fucking close, eat my fucking pussy please shit yes eat my pussy lick my sopping cunt! Hermione cried her hips lifting off the desk. Sirius pulled away before she could come. With one deft movement he flipped her so she was laying her belly across his desk. He bunched her skirt up higher before slamming. It must have been a good eight inches, the biggest actual cock Hermione had ever seen. She licked her lips and gave him a dirty look that screamed 'Fuck me raw' and the Slytherin was only to happy to oblige. Lifting her legs over his shoulder, Draco slammed into her sopping cunt. She felt so warm and tight as he pounded.

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Mia. Age: 26. Mes photos sont 100 % reel Oct 5, - He watched for a few moments as Sirius' wet cock slid and rubbed against Hermione's equally wet cunt and was mesmerized by the sight. He could see the sweet pearls of cum dripping from her lips, lubricating Sirius. He leaned forward, mouth sliding against Sirius' thick cock, and licked a straight path. Why is she – ooooh Morgana that feels nice,' Hermione mumbled, as Harry pushed his full length in her sopping wet cunt from behind. 'Ginny swore a loyalty . Tonks' eyes were locked on his cock, Sirius was far above average easily seven inches, and perhaps a good four inches in circumference. She licked her lips. Feb 22, - Title: Salvation Author: Inell Disclaimer: Rowling owns them all Rating: NC17 Pairing: Hermione/Voldemort, Hermione/Remus Summary: As a storm rages outside, Hermione finally finds her salvation Word Count: Genre: Angst, drama, romance, SWS. Warning: Bondage Note: Sequel to Atonement.


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