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Mar 4, - Although the internet does not offer a lot on this subject, I would assume that in large amounts it can cause an imbalance in your digestive fluids and make you feel nauseous and make you vomit. Although it can contain higher levels of proteins, it is probably best to ingest the amount produced in the. Is it safe to swallow when my wife reaches orgasm? Danielle. Age: 20. I am from Russia And not just any woman -- Lara Kinley. Her finger sizzled along the skin behind his balls and circled the opening of his ass. Fuck! This wasn't something she normally did, but it pushed him over the edge. His seed erupted from the head of his cock and he stared in awe as Melani didn't release him. She swallowed every drop of his come as his orgasm ripped. Stacey. Age: 21. I am cherry The Psychology Behind Why Men Want Women To Swallow You should be pumping fast and furiously with your mouth (and your hand if you can't move fast enough with your mouth). If he wants you to do something else, he'll tell you, but if it feels like he's ready to climax, don't stop what you're doing until he finishes. 5) Swallow Your man may say he doesn't care whether you. Dave grunted, felt the release of his cum flowing in rhythmic waves into the horny girl's throat. His jism exploded into her mouth, splattering her throat with gob after gob of hot milky cum. She gulped on the first wad of fuck juice, gurgling her pleasure. Her own orgasm peaked once more at the thrilling sensation of swallowing.

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Ambre. Age: 25. Hello, I am Margo - I am 21 years old, just move to Warsaw “I will have your cock everywhere by the time this night is over,” she said before swallowing his length again. Night? Is it nighttime? Graham absently The milky white streams decorated her aroused nipples and she tugged on his cock, pulling his orgasm out in shocking jerks. He quivered beneath her talented hands and. Jan 6, - And yes, forcing a woman to swallow your cum by ramming your dick in her mouth until she gags is indeed anything but enjoyable for a woman. . For her it would make no difference if you would be just happy because you had an orgasm or extraordinary happy because you had this orgasm in her mouth. Swallowing, his eyes wide and still held by Magnus', Henry nodded once. “Yes. I do.” Magnus' further arousal was obvious, his approval both sharp and startling. But, instead of drifting gently into afterglow and sleep, he was immediately ramping up to another orgasm that felt like a tsunami, where the last had been a.


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