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Jul 31, - Pay attention to your body and mind right before you climax — where you're touching, how much pressure you're applying, which muscles tense up — says sex educator Dorian Solot, coauthor of I Love Female Orgasm. Then re-create those same moves during sex for a faster orgasm. It's also important to. 13 Subtle Sex Tricks to Give a Girl an Orgasm Every Single Time Sarah. Age: 22. Stop being stressed; you should enjoy every minute of your life Therein lies a big question: Mar 15, - When she takes over, note how hard she's pushing and in what direction. Use that information later when using your fingers or giving her a more aggressive tongue bath. THE DROP TRICK. Steady clitoral contact is essential to female orgasm. But without adequate lubrication, it can become uncomfortable. Sharka. Age: 20. Outcall to Herzelea 250 flowers How to orgasm: THIS is the sex tip women can master to guarantee ecstasy Women find the big O easy, right? Not exactly. A woman's orgasm is different from a man's. Dig in, and check out 10 tips to guarantee her orgasm. Feb 8, - SEX TIPS for women: Experts have revealed one trick any woman can learn to help her achieve orgasms in bed.

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Emy. Age: 27. If you are looking for DISCREET companionship, look no more! I will give you a touch of Class and Sophistication! Treat yourself to the BEST in Vegas You don't need tips and tricks. You need science. By Sarah Rense. Aug 12, Some famous dude, I think he was an artist, once asked, "Would not it be best to leave room to mystery?" Yeah, well, no, not this mystery, the mystery of the female orgasm. We've been trying to crack it for ages, mostly with shitty luck. We know. Oct 14, - What if we told you there was a secret ingredient that could up your odds of having an orgasm? Get excited, because there actually is. Nearly 50 percent of men and women who have used lube say that it makes it easier to have an orgasm, according to a new study from Indiana University's Center for. Aug 9, - It's all about getting the digits. Knowing how to finger a girl is important, guys, because you just never know when some woman is going to want a good fingering to orgasm. It could be anyone, from your friend's mom or a hospital nurse; or, perhaps, even some movie star stuck in her trailer and bored out of.


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