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Sep 9, - Character: Susan Ivanova Appears in: Babylon 5 Commonly interpreted as: Straight But Really: Ivanova is a canon bisexual. Although she has a long and intense romantic involvement with Marcus Cole, she. List of media portrayals of bisexuality | Bisexuality Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Jenni. Age: 27. I wanna be different and make your dream come true with amazing, sexy, with big breast Thai Lady It's just the excuse we need to give a shout-out to our some of our favorite characters who happen to be gay. Sleeping in Light Television Soundtrack ". Apr 17, - Susan Ivanova is one of the main characters on Babylon 5. Her Canon Sexuality. Many fans read Ivanova as lesbian and/or bisexual, something that sparked much discussion. "Babylon 5 is even sadder [than Star Trek] poor Ivanova. If you ever heard about B5, you know how, well, they “straightwashed”. Rina. Age: 29. Swallow More Stories Susan Ivanova (Russian: Сью́зен Ива́нова) is a fictional character in the science fiction television series Babylon 5, played by Claudia Christian. Contents. [hide]. 1 Character overview; 2 Character description. Overview; Early life and career; Relationships; Talia Winters; Departure from Babylon 5.‎Character overview · ‎Character description · ‎Overview · ‎Departure from Babylon 5. Most other main characters, including Stephen Franklin and Lyta Alexander, leave Babylon 5 as well. As shown in flash-forwards earlier in the series, the next several years include the reign of Londo Mollari as Centauri Emperor. Sixteen years later, Londo sacrifices his life to rescue Sheridan and Delenn from the Drakh.

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Perlite. Age: 25. All day I am ready to meet up and play Frank N. Furter burst out of the spaceship closet while singing show tunes, the first bisexual transvestite character in science fiction. Oozing If you called Jack Harkness homosexual or bisexual, you would be mistaken. . There are three clues that Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5's second in command, wasn't playing it straight. [this page version=05 September ]. For several years now I have been trying to compile a list of television programs that have included gay/lesbian/bisexual characters as a part of their regular (or semi-regular) casts. .. Babylon 5 (science fiction) syndicated present. Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) and Talia. For example, LGBT characters may be projected into a more tolerant science fictional future, as exemplified by the capable and intelligent bisexual character Commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5. Yet, even in other worlds, such directness is rare. In the Clinton "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" political era, the ambiguousness of.


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