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hey all, I'm a 14 year old male and I can't get hold of any lubricants from chemists, drug stores etc. Could somebody name any safe lubricants from around the home. I'm not used to using lubricants so I don't know what's safe and what's not. Would vege. Good Lubes For Masturbation Tucker. Age: 21. Easy going However, some prefer to use lube anyway. Originally Posted by TheNewCobain. Nov 2, - SInce women generally use lubricants in their delicate area, we should be very careful when choosing which lubricant for our needs of pleasure. It's important to remember we will be using these lubes not only with our partner, masturbating, with our toys but maybe also for massage. Women like to go all out. Jenny. Age: 24. Im professional, discreet, and open minded girl, always eager to please gentlemen Good Lubes For Masturbation Oct 17, - I'm under 18, looking for household lube to masturbate with. Now I've heard how guys use cooking oil, baby oil, lotion, etc to masturbate, and I usually use saliva, but it gets tiring and I want to try other things. The only problem is I've heard that any kind of oil can not only cause pores to open up in latex. Aug 11, - But adding lube doesn't just prevent sex from hurting; it also helps the two of you maintain the steady rhythm most women need to orgasm. "When you're wet, he can thrust continuously, and it's easier for him to vary the speed," says Macleod. "That extra stimulation will help build sexual tension and bring.

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Alda. Age: 19. Hello Gentlemen I a sweet milk chocolate treat just for you! I'm nice but you'll like me better when I'm naughty Jan 20, - Let's be honest, it's no fun buying lube. You and I both know the girl behind the counter knows the lube we're buying isn't for actual person sex. She knows it's so you can go home and lather up your pud for a juicy beat. It's demeaning making small talk while you're thinking 'I wonder if she thinks I'm a perv'. Jul 16, - TAGS: almond oil, baby oil, coconut oil, homemade lube, household lube, lube, lubricant, massage, massage oils, masturbation, oil, olive oil, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, sex, When cavemen and women needed a little something extra, they didn't pull out a bottle of KY—they used spit. Well, previously I have never really tried that much to masturbate. I am a Christian, and originally I thought it was wrong. I talked to my dad and othe adult guys about it, and they said it is fine, all natural. So I was like ok, I have sort of masturbated before, but never enough to do much. I still didn't feel.


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