Inject sperm after been in mouth

Feb 10, - So my mate and I been having sex every other day during my fertile days but today he had a hard time cumming and I'm actually tired of getting pounded I'm so sore down there. We have been following the "Sperm Meet Egg Plan" and it says to have sex every other day then closer to ovulation day-the day. BabyCenter - Security Warning Ashli. Age: 26. My name is Lizza, exclusive companion and diverse woman! So, your friend becoming pregnant this way is unlikely. Oct 2, - If the man ejaculate inside your mouth is it possible the sperm is still alive?and can u put it inside your vagina using - Answered by a verified OB GYN the sperms are alive inside your mouth & it is possible to get impregnated with injected semen from mouth if done within 5 minutes (as long as it is not. Palmyra. Age: 21. my services are all what pleases you 100% safe If the man ejaculate inside your mouth is it possible theā€¦ Jul 1, - Saliva DOES contain digestive enzymes, bacteria, and a very different acidic level to what sperm are designed to thrive in. It has been proven that saliva does kill sperm (aka lowers sperm count when oral is performed directly before intercourse), but this is a umm. Pretty rare circumstance. No one can say. Hi,i came across couple of sites wherein they are discussing using syringe to inject sperms in vagina to get pregnant? Does this work? Lesbian couple trying to get pregnant this was so before you run your mouth about it being so Wierd for lesbians to want a baby think first! Second hun, I went to a a.

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Foxy. Age: 24. Your stunning bi sexual 26 year old blond British beauty Jul 27, - My best friend recently confided in me that immediately after her boyfriend ejaculated on her leg, she swiped some of the semen with her fingers and proceded to enter them into herself in To boot, if it has been less than hours since she did this, she can use emergency contraception if she likes. DIY (do-it-yourself) or self-insemination, is a method in which the woman (or her partner) inserts semen into the vagina herself, without medical intervention. to inject the semen at the mouth of the uterus (the cervix); You can use a disposable plastic speculum, and when you insert the speculum, make sure the blades are. You cannot get pregnant from oral sex so to charge this man with child support due to an act that CANNOT result in a child is ridiculous.. Once again she may have had placed that semen inside a syringe or something then injected that semen into her womb. that resulted into a pregnancy. but she did not.


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