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Jan 5, - Tanya Tate and Samantha Bentley, and Justin Ribeiro dos Santos (the CEO of Joybear Pictures), talk about life as a pornstar and get their take on love & sex. Ladies, love your downstairs and let it grow, if a guy can't appreciate that grown women have hair down there, he does not deserve to be near a. 5 Ex-Male Porn Performers Share Their Real Experiences Doing Porn Renae. Age: 29. Anal The industry ironically is not sexy at all. Jan 18, - Here is an interview Porn Star Erik Everhard. Talks about getting his name and adult life. Taisiya. Age: 24. I am Brigitte, I am very sexy and sensual 5 Reasons Being a Male Porn Star Is Less Fun Than It Looks Oct 20, - Just a Dick: The Sad Reality of Being a Male Porn Star Wherever I went, I saw female porn stars and erotic performers constantly surrounded by people – photographers buzzing around them or male fans queueing up to talk to Martin agreed to the interview on the condition of remaining anonymous. Sep 29, - There are too many people in our society who think that porn is simply harmless entertainment, and they often believe porn performers really are the insatiable sex gods and goddesses they are marketed to be. Many people believe that these adult actors are just good-looking people who love having lots of.

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Morgan. Age: 26. full service Jun 29, - Porn stars have it made. On the surface, "have sex with beautiful people for money" sounds like a no-brainer, but while it can be a "dream," not enough people put emphasis on the "job" part. Cracked sat down with Lance Hart, veteran porn star, pornographer, and all around porn-type guy, to get the. Aug 17, - Looking for a career change, bro? Do you have a full functioning yogurt slinger? Is it sore-free and at least 8 inches as full mast? Do you have a pony tail? Six regrettable tattoos? Do you undervalue your relationship with your parents? Do you put a premium on lifting upper body? Are you co. Oct 18, - When we think of porn stars, most of us automatically think of women, since that's basically the only thing we pay attention to, if I'm being honest. But have you ever wondered what the life of a male porn star is like? What's it like to be someone who has sex with a bunch of different women on camera for a.


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