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Teanna. Age: 18. I believe that we are not defined by the place in which we are born, nor by our origins, race or religion, but by our own facts and the choices that we make. He was speaking straight into his wife's cunt, saying, "Lisa, I love it! I can even feel your cunt hair on my cock! Do me harder! Faster! You're going to make me cum! Make me fill your hot cunt with my cum! Make me cum!" I can't help it. I just love for a man to talk like that to me while we're fucking! I swear, it turns my passion up. that he is, put on your favorite strapon dildo and make him beg to suck it, being sure to wait until he is really pleading, with an earnest voice. When he has sucked it for a while, bend him over and fuck him with it until you cum. Keep his mind on you and prevent unfaithfulness by making him wear your lacy underwear. Alex was fuming with jealousy, he had never been able to make his wife moan like that while fucking her. But at the same Brad was enjoying Alex's wife in a way Alex never had and he knew it very well. Brad made Sarah cum twice again, just by fucking her with his big cock, stimulating her in all the spots that Alex could.


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