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Jan 6, - Q: What do you do if your infant does not want to use the potty at all? My baby went through a period of fussing and fighting it when I tried to potty her. I did not want to force her, but I knew she had to go--shortly after we stopped trying she would go pee on the floor. (At the time I was focusing more on timing. Toilet Training Problems, Ages 3 to 6 Bobbi. Age: 24. “You are nothing like anyone I have ever met”, said Everyone that has ever met me Address your child's anxiety, too, by talking to him about the universality of bodily functions. Calmly clean up accidents and talk about where pee and poo belongs. Feb 18, - In the past two weeks she has refused to use it and has reverted back to hiding and using her panties to both pee and poo. We try to Little boys sometimes respond well to being encouraged to try and hit Cheerios which are dropped in the toilet. She had no trouble using the restroom away from home. Josie. Age: 27. 1 st contact by mail, i have Viber / WhatsApp /Kik Potty Training Regression Jun 4, - Help your child prevent accidents by watching for such telltale signs as “the pee dance” and “the clutch,” then get him to the bathroom, pronto. If he doesn't make it in time, don't scold him, but don't let him get on with playing until he has changed. “When he tires of this process, he'll likely make it to the toilet. Jan 22, - Sometime in the last month, I decided the potty was not a reading station or a bath time procrastination device, but a place in which my daughter should actually pee and poop. I think it was the day she crossed her arms, stomped her foot and said “I want to wear diapers FOREVER!!!!” In my mind, if you.

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Rikki. Age: 21. If you like the Mediterranean style, which as you know means passion all the way, then you will love meeting up with me, because I am everything, maybe even a little more, that you already believe is hot and sensual and typical of us Latin brunettes!! Apr 26, - Unfortunately, cleaning up urine when your toddler does make it to the potty is a common reality among parents potty training toddler boys! Learning to pee in the toilet (and no where Make Double Bubbles: Put a drop of dish detergent in the toilet before he pees. Then if he pees in the water he'll make. So the baby hasn't been born yet but she is already having the potty regressions. I figure by April we will be covered in pee. She's been having a LOT of pee accidents, specifically at home. At school (full-day preschool), she's doing good, is dry 9 days out of 10, although her teachers do say she tends to not quite speak up. Your child won't use the toilet for the same reason he refuses to take a bath or go to bed: He's experimenting with limits and autonomy. If your child pees in the potty without problems but resists using it for BMs, he's probably fearful of making a mess -- maybe he had a bowel movement accident at school and people.


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