Mercury mariner boats pee hole where is it

Oct 15, - The serial number on the plate riveted to the bracket says "L Made in Japan" - another plate on the other side says "made for Mariner Motor Co Fond Du Lac Wisconsin" I am wanting to know the year model if anyone knows? Also where is the water intake and does it have a pee hole outlet?Steam from pee hole - Mercury Mariner Not peeing Brianna. Age: 29. we meet in a wine bar where we get to know each other your aware of the fact that my skirt is getting higher up my leg where you can see the tops of my hold ups, am i wearing panties? You slide you hand along my thigh to find out... If the engine is not actualy overheating then look for other causes. Apr 16, - Mercury/Mariner horse engines control water flow at idle and a little above with the thermostats, above that it is controled by a popit valve, Sometimes they will not pump any water out the "pee" hole until the thermostats open,(unless the motor and boat are in the water and the midsection is partialy. Emylia. Age: 23. smooth skin complete my uniquely exotic look. No water coming out of pee hole. Mercury 115. 2011 model only… Some times simply blowing compressed air back thru the hole will unclog it, If that wont work, you will need to disconnect the hose and fittings back until you find the blockage and clear it. James, Marine Mechanic. Category: Boat. Satisfied Customers: 4, Experience: 12 years Certified marine mechanic, performance. Nov 17, - I recently bought a boat with a 96 Mercury HP outboard on it. When i run it or just When i run it or just fire it up in the drive way with the water hose the water from the pee hole is very hot. .. A marine shop told me that there computer was not showing that motor to have seals but i didn't believe them.

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Mary. Age: 30. only good vibes When in neutral the engine was working fine and there was water coming out through the pee hole, but at high. Yamaha 3SF, 2 stroke, 3 hp, Where's the Tell-Tale (Pee-Hole)? - Duration: TheIssaquahAlps Mar 15, - Just tried the outboard and found that there's a very low volume of water coming out, and no increase as the throttle opens. I searched for (and found) a user manual on this forum, which helpfully says 'refer to your dealer'. I tried to remove the lower gearbox but there's something stopping it from sliding off.


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