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May 8, - I think you mean 7", but not all porn stars are 7" EL. The porn industry is known to cheat with measurements though. Sure, there are some large guys in porn, but there's also a lot of average and below average guys. Being in porn is not about how big your penis is, because if you cannot strip down and have  Worldwide and U.S. Penis size statistics, average penis length. How big in length is an average penis of a male pornstar? - Quora Lichelle. Age: 22. In college but in my spare time I like to have some discreet x-rated fun Porn hates you and it wants you to be insecure because it knows you compare both literal and figurative cock size, in your head at least. Jul 20, - proskuriv.info polled people to find out if penis size matters to them. Interestingly, participants were pretty close when it came to what they considered and average penis size. (The current actual Although he might not be porn-star-size, penis beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or the hand of. Chase. Age: 26. My new website: www WATCH: Porn stars reveal the perfect penis size – it's bad news for the average guy Dec 21, - Penis size really depends on who you're working for as a male porn star. If you want to work with high end and well known porn producers and you want to have sex with the most desirable female porn stars they will be looking for men who have larger than average penis sizes. Typically around 8 inches in length or close to  How do porn stars increase the length of their penis so much? Apr 1, - Going into graphic detail about size, shape and colour, the actresses spilled all about their penis preferences. If you've ever wondered whether porn stars think differently about penises compared to the average woman, well it seems like they do when it comes to size. *** Perfect penis size revealed: What.

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Presley. Age: 19. HI its girth that counts though. average girth is " for normal guys according to a bunch of studies. obviously pornstars have more massive girth. keep in mind btw that the cameramen use weird angles and camera effects to make them look even bigger. obviously these guys are big already but they make it  Superiority of smaller penis size [pornstars weigh in. Oct 15, - The average length being anything between (irrespective of race, don't even try) anything above 6 is 'above average' and anything lower than 5 is 'below average'. Average girth is between Lexington Steele, the infamous pornstar is 9 and he's among the top four or five in the industry. Danny Dong is. Apr 19, - MEN it's the one you've been waiting for – a group of porn stars have revealed what makes the perfect penis. It won't come as much of a shock to hear the answers varied widely, but what came out on top for most of the women might leave you surprised. Arabelle Raphael really summed things up when.


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