Butt and bottom

Oct 1, - Hi, Can you help me with the words above?? I would like to know the most appropriate option for different contexts. For example: Kids / babies: "I'm going to clean your bum and change your nappy/diaper" - Doctor: "I must give you a shot on your buttocks" - Friends: "Jenny, stop smacking my butt!!". Buttocks - Wikipedia Abigaile. Age: 21. Be ready to experience a mutually satisfying yet uncomplicated relationship with a fun-loving, first class escort in Bucharest My daughter and her friends tend to use "rear-end" and "bottom" since "butt" is seen by many elders as a tacky word. Like long underwear with the ubiquitous "butt flap" (used to allow baring only the bottom with a simple gesture, as for hygiene), this clothing style was acknowledged in popular media such as cartoons and comics for generations afterward. More recently, the cleavage of the buttocks is sometimes exposed by some women,  ‎Society and culture · ‎Synonyms · ‎Fashion · ‎In popular culture. Lolly. Age: 18. I am independent and in search of a generous gentleman that knows how to have a good time! Bum / Butt / Buttocks / Bottom Nov 27, - If I was talking to my Nan, I'd say "bottom". If I was talking to my Mum, I'd say "bum". If I was talking to children in my own family or my friend's children, I'd say "bum". If I was talking to people my own age, I'd say "bum" or "arse". (I'm a year-old woman.) I'd never say "butt" because I'm British, not American. Bottom Sirloin Butt. This lower portion of the Sirloin section of the Loin that contains three muscles that vary in tenderness. Sold as the Tri-Tip, Petite Sirloin/Ball Tip and Sirloin Bavette/Flap, all of which can be roasted or grilled. Butcher's Note. Name originates from its anatomical location on the “Bottom” (dorsal) of the Sirloin.

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Perlite. Age: 25. Hello gentlemen… When you sit on your butt, this is the bottom of your trunk. Once slang is established, it becomes the norm. Although you are technically right that the butt is located in the middle of the body, when you stand or anatomically, people will still think of the butt being right under you when you sit. So, the butt remains the buttom. C shapes are also known as bubble butts and usually show nice bulk in the top part of the butt that is well balanced with the bottom part of the butt. If you want to, you can also follow the advice given to H-shapers to try and get a bit more volume in the sides of your butt, though bubble butts are quite well respected by both. Butt definition, the end or extremity of anything, especially the thicker, larger, or blunt end considered as a bottom, base, support, or handle, as of a log, fishing rod, or pistol. See more.


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