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Jun 28, - You say you don't think you are gay – and you may or may not be a lesbian. You could be bi. Or you might not want to apply any label to yourself. Some people find a term to describe their sexuality important, others are comfortable with the idea that there's simply something special about a particular person. 13 Signs You're Into Women | TheTalko Lela. Age: 24. Provided Services: Only you will know that. Lesbians are teachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, police officers, politicians, ministers, movie stars, artists, mothers, nuns, truck drivers, models, novelists. What does it mean to be a lesbian? Lesbians are women-loving-women. We are women who are sexually attracted to other women. We are women who may feel emotionally and spiritually closer to women. We are women who prefer women as our partners. As lesbians, we are not alone. One out of individuals is lesbian or. Gia. Age: 27. I am Alisia, an exclusive independent escort girl and finest travel com panion! TheTalko.com Sep 25, - If you're not sure if you're a lesbian or not, here are eight signs you might be a lesbian. When you When you're on a date with a guy, you're thinking about how you can't wait until it's over so you can call your BFF--Not to tell her about the date, but to hear her voice and listen to how her day was. And then. Dec 15, - This test is for everyone who wants to know if they're lesbian, straight or bi sexual. Sure, dream on, how could we be a couple? I'd say no, I prefer a boyfriend. I'd say yes immediately. If it's the girl I want Yes, of What do your parents think about lesbians/bi sexual? I don't know, but I really want to know.

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Alison. Age: 29. Hello! My name is Darina But these past weeks have been tough and I'm constantly thinking if I'm lesbian or not and I always think about what would happen if my friends found out I might be lesbian- they'd ditch me or my family wouldn't accept me or the fact that people will start expecting me to wear baggy clothes or something. I'm just really scared. May 3, - Have you asked yourself time and time again- Do I like women? Here are 9 signs you might be a lesbian. Clear your conscience. I thought there was NO way I could be a lesbian. But now that I've thought about it more, I think I'm lesbian. I just don't think men are attractive. The problem is, that I've never dated or even kissed a girl. I really like one of my friends, but she's straight I wish I could kiss her. Also, maybe I'm just going through.


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