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Apr 27, - He sighed unlike Remus and Sirius, Harry would be spending his grounding with more books and school work that he ever had. He got up again and started pacing again "My first adventure with them and I totally mess up, they are going to get spanked because of me and they are never going to take me. Finding a Family, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Emy. Age: 29. Sexy busty blond gorl looking for ocassional dates with some generous gentlemen He's been awfully cheeky lately. Jan 26, - Once the twins were born, he had name Sirius Godfather, but he considered Remus and Peter as his brothers. The boys recognized "No spanking!" Harry cried. "Didn't do it daddy! He fell off broom! I promise!" "You know I don't like when you lie either!" James said. "Go to your room now!" He didn't spank. Payton. Age: 30. Hi Guys and girls, (yes I play with both) Mar 15, - Yet another 'redo' fic. Harry finds himself in the past, can he find the childhood that he had always wanted? WARNING contains corporal punishment, the spanking of children in later chapters, if you don't like, don't read. Please Read and Review! Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama - Harry P., Remus L. Nov 12, - Sirius asked. "Sirius, it was " "Remus is taking care of your punishment tonight, Harry. You know divide and conquer." "Dad we're not at war, here," Ariadne . Ariadne is getting a spanking with the slipper and is grounded for a month. He also felt guilty because Ariadne's punishment was worse than his.

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Crista. Age: 26. VipMyaMichelle May 15, - While he did not want to spank the boy he didn't have much choice. "Come Harry sits on his bed looking through his photo album at the pictures of his parents, Sirius, and Remus. He knew his letter would be arriving any day and then once his grounding was up he would be allowed to go shopping. Nov 12, - "Oh, Remus is going to punish you some, but so am I," Sirius said. "How long are we grounded for?" Harry asked thinking that was how Sirius was going to punish them. "That's up to Moony," Sirius said. "I'm going to give you both the spanking of your lives." "Sirius, you can't be serious," Ariadne said. Jan 25, - Sirius laughed. "I might as well strike up a friendship with Snivellus with all the success I'll have." He glanced at Remus, flashing him a hopeful smile that was He's grounded. No Hogsmeade for the rest of the year." "There are no more trips. How about taking away James's cloak from him?" Sirius paled.


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