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This may sound kind of odd, but a show I recently saw inspired me to remember something I had forgotten for several years, that the first orgasm i've ever experienced was when I was seven to eight years old. There was nothing dirty or disgusting going on there, I was just a little boy climbing around like a. Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Pole climbing orgasm? Nina. Age: 30. Hello Dear Gentleman Do you already have an account? I found this site a year ago and decided it was BS. Throwaway account for me (male). I recently discovered that while climbing a rope or pole, like from gym class, I can achieve orgasm without ever [Advice] How to bring my [26F] 'coregasms' to the. Harley. Age: 25. Kiss luna AfraidToAsk Forums Orgasm technique. Misc, I am going to show you my childhood secret. SRS. I can have insane orgasms. How? By climbing up poles and doors. % serious This happened to me when I was climbing a rope in gymnastics when I was like 7. I was near the . quick knees / running in place orgasm for men. Dec 19, - Gender: Male. % Straight, 0% Gay. Anyone else ever had these? When I was a little kid I discovered that by climbing a pole I would sometimes get an amazing feeling in my I searched the internet and found that a lot of other people get the same orgasms, even as adults, when climbing poles or ropes.

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Franceska. Age: 21. I believe that we are not defined by the place in which we are born, nor by our origins, race or religion, but by our own facts and the choices that we make. Experimenting after school on the playground and eventually at the high school after hours and during summer break or weekends. . I just found myself instantly hysterical with the thought of a man rapidly humping a door up and down, about to climax, and the door snapping off of its hinges (with a hearty. Comment: I was wondering about the concept of orgasm while climbing a rope or other such item. It apparently happens to both men and women but there seems to be little information on it and we can't seem to find a medical term for it. (No it isn't an urban legend because it has happened to myself and. Another video I found at a different site. As she gets to the top, she acts the same way I do when I climax from.


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