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Nov 29, - We've all put in the 10, hours required to become masturbating pros. As pros, you'd think we all would be able to avoid the horrifically embarrassing pratfalls associated with self-servicing. Turns out, even the pros have off days. 19 F*cked Up Masturbation Stories That'll Bring You Pleasure - CollegeHumor Post Nickey. Age: 29. I'm a delicate asian model, my skin is supple and soft Also close this question Not now Select. At the time, I asked my wife, "How can that guy last so long? Aug 9, - Okay, so when I was 11 or 12 I had discovered the joys of masturbation and I only really did it when I was in the bath. One day I wondered what sex was like, so I used a shampoo lid which resembled a lipstick lid, thus making it a very small, very short dildo – but still usable. It felt kinda good, so I pushed it in. Bria. Age: 30. Fun loving, easy going, open minded.. Great company and conversation..xx What's your craziest sex/masterbation story?seven minutes in heaven, first time, anything? It's no secret people do some absolutely crazy sh*t to get off. Puberty is easily the worst time in your life sexually (unless you're Anthony Kiedis), and. Mar 11, - If you're off and away masturbating, better make sure you're not getting caught. 13 Horrifying (But Hilarious) Stories About Getting Caught Masturbating. Everybody does . People with bad and crazy threesome stories at least could hold on to the fact that they had sex with two people, not by themselves.

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Caroline. Age: 24. Entertains in sari if requested Nov 29, - Yes, I realize that the idea of masturbating in a port-o-potty is disgusting, but desperate times call for desperate measure and it's literally the only place I could go where people weren't. So, here's my story. One day I was going to town on myself while watching some pornog on my ipod. I hear an embarrassing masturbation story? A what? O_O, well I guess that's better then a cucumber. I don't have many masturbation stories, I guess one time I was watching something, I can't remember if it was p*rn or not, but it was some sort of random sex scene. So I was on Skype and she said would be right back. She didn't return for 20 min so I thought I would. my crazy masturbation stories (there are two) the first one was when I went swimming in my guy friends pool..i was about 13 and I swam past one of the jets, and somehow my body was turned toward the jet, so as I swam past I got the sprayed all the way down the length of my body. when the just sprayed on my clit, I felt an.


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